Academic Activities

A lot of importance is given for research work and it is notable that a number of case reports and original articles from various departments were published in National and International Journals during the last two years. Post Graduates and faculty are encouraged to participate in conferences, CMEs and workshops. 

Periodical CME Programmes have been organized for Post Graduates. The department of ENT conducted a workshop on Voice Problems and Phonosurgery on 3rd & 4th December, 2011. We conducted 3rd AP State Convention on Emergency care on 27.01.2013. 

International Training Centre has been established at Guntur Medical College, Guntur by Dr.NTR University of Health Sciences. We actively participated in Dr.NTR University of Health Sciences Silver Jubilee in the month of November, 2011. Exhibits from the department of Pathology, Microbiology and Community Medicine were displayed in the celebrations. 

An awareness programme about USA Student Visa related issues and information was organized on 26.07.2012. 

Apart from routine Theory, Practical and Clinical Classes, Integrated Teaching Programmes are regularly conducted for Undergraduate students.

Academic Activities