Department of Pathology Faculty List

Name of the Faculty
Dr. C.AparnaProfessor & HOD
Dr.Prasad UmaProfessor
Dr. K.Nageswara RaoAssociate Professor
Dr. P.Ramana KumariAssociate Professor
Dr.Guvera VasireddyAssociate Professor
Dr.P.NeelimaAssociate Professor


The Department of Pathology has always been in the forefront of developmental activities of Guntur Medical College. It is quite remarkable that the Professors of Pathology were at the helm of affairs of the institution at many crucial junctures in its long history. Hence it is no surprise that the growth of the development almost paralleled that of the college. The department had been fortunate to have stalwarts in its ranks like Dr.D.J.Reddy and Dr. D.Bhaskara Reddy who brought fame and name to the department as well as the college because of their dedication and untiring efforts. They set up new benchmarks in the maintenance of high standards in academics as well as diagnostics. The good work has been carried forward by the succeeding Professors and Heads of the Department with great zeal.

The Department of Pathology always led from the front in modernization of laboratories, acquisition of latest infrastructure and equipment and adoption of current techniques in diagnostics. To name a few , our department was one of the first government medical colleges in the state to set up Immunohistochemistry laboratory which was started on 12-02-2009 for accurate typing of tumors to enable fine tuning of management. Separation of blood components was started in the Blood Bank in the month of May, 2009. A separate Postgraduate Research Laboratory was constructed in September, 2013. The undergraduate practical laboratory was renovated in the month of Septembe,2013. Separate cabins were created for Associate Professors. The Pathology Museum,established by the visionary Dr.D.J.Reddy, with 3850 mounted specimens is still considered one of the best and the largest of its kind in the country.

On the academic front also the department made giant strides. The intake for MD course was enhanced from two to four in 2009. Current total intake is two DCP seats four MD and which are likely to be increased further in near future. In the last few years a fresh impetus for research work had been given resulting in publication of many scientific papers in national and international journals.CME programmes and conferences are given top priority in the academic calendar of the department. Faculty and postgraduate students are encouraged to present papers, case reports and posters in state and national conferences and participate in slide quiz programmes and guest lectures. Undergraduate students are also encouraged to take up research activity like ICMR projects. Extracurricular activities are given due importance.