Department of Microbiology Faculty List

Name of the Faculty
Dr. K.ParameswariProfessor
Dr.D.VanisreeAssociate Professor
Dr.B.V.SivammaAssociate Professor

Department of Microbiology, Guntur Medical College, Guntur

Information of Department of Microbiology

1) History of Department:-

Department of Microbiology was established in 1954. The first Professor & H.O.D of department of Microbiology was Dr. N. Umamaheswara rao P.hD(1954-1955).A total of 16 Professors served as H.O.D’s as on today. The Present Professor & H.O.D is Dr.P.Kamala.

The first post graduation course was started in 1961 and first post graduate was Dr.K.Rajya lakshmi and a total number of 47 awarded M.D Degree in this department.

The number of U.G students was enhanced from 150-200 this year i.e, 2013 and P.G seats are enhanced from2 to 4 And also there are so many other courses are started like DMLT,B.Sc MLT etc..

There are other sections started in this department from 1999 onwards like VCTC,SRL and CD4 testing.


2) services provided by the Department

1.culture and sensitivity testing.

2.All serological tests (like WIDAL, VDRL, ASO, HbS Ag,HIV-ELISA,CD4 etc..)

3.Special units for Dengue & chikungunya

4.Anaerobic culture tests

5.T.B staining section(AFB)



3) Publications:

B.Nagaraja, B.V..Ramana, B.Venkata rao, Madhavi ”A Study of fever cases in urban slum areas in and around Vijayawada”.IJPRBS,2012;VOLUME 1(5):530-32– by Dr.B.Venkata Rao, Associate Professor – Published in international journal of pharmaceutical research and biosciences.

4) Papers presented by faculty:

1.poster presentation by Dr.Y.Umarani on Microbiological studies of Leucorhorea at IAMM National conference B.H.U,Varanasi,west Bengal,in 2011.

5) Papers presented by post graduates

1.”A study of Dermatophytosis in patients attending skin and STDOPD” in IAMM A.P STATE CHAPTER CONFERENCE”February-2013 by Dr.Manjari

2.”Puzzle breaking in accurate diagnosis of Malaria” in IAMM A.P STATE CHAPTER CONFERENCE”February-2013 by Dr.Teena.

6) Awards/Prizes/Distinctions:

Awarded second prize for .”Puzzle breaking in accurate diagnosis of Malaria” in IAMM A.P STATE CHAPTER CONFERENCE”February-2013 by Dr.Teena.