Department of Opthalmology Faculty List

Name of the Faculty
Dr.G.Ravi BabuProfessor & HOD
Dr.L.J Sandhya ValiProfessor
Dr.V.Vijaya LakshmiProfessor
Dr.Y.SrinivasAssociate Professor
Dr.K.AnjaneyuluAssociate Professor


 The Department of Ophthalmology in Guntur Medical College was started in the year 1956.  The Department was recognized for PG education in 1959 with admission of First batch of DO students and MS students in 1960.  The Department was upgraded and by 1984 there were four units.  At present the faculty consists of 3 Professors (under establishment of Principal, GMC, Guntur),1 Professor/Civil Surgeon (under the establishment of Superintendent, GGH, Guntur), 2 Associate Professors and 9 Assistant Professors.  There are 22 Post Graduate students and this year 200 UG students have been admitted.  Every year we have 5 MS and 4 DO admissions.  The A.P. State Ophthalmology conferences were organized in 1978, 1997 and 2012.

Services Provided by The Department

1.  O.P. Services:  Daily from 09.00am to 02.00pm Daily O.P. censes 250

2.  Theatre: Surgeries are being done from Monday to Saturday

3.  Camps: Cataract cases are screened for surgery under NPCB in remote areas.  Patients are being screened and brought to the Hospital for surgery.  School health programmes are conducted.

4.  Referral Services:  Cases are being referred from PHC’s and Community Hospitals.

5.  Teaching: Teaching of UG students, PG students and Para Medical students is being done in the Hospital from 09.00am to 04.00pm and in Guntur Medical College from 01.00pm to 04.00pm.

6. Diagnostic Services:  Are done with Applanation tonometry, Pachymetry, Keratometry, A-Scan, B-Scan, Humphrey’s Field Analyser, Green Laser, Fundus Photography and Indirect Ophthalmoscope.

Paper Presentations and Posters


1. A.P. IMA Conference 2011  -  Fundus examination for the General practioners By Dr. M. Parni Kumar.

2. Talk on Oculoplasty  -  Dr. L.J. Sandhyavali – A.P. State Conference 2012

3. Panel member in free paper session – Dr. P. Rajasekhar – A.P. State Conference 2012

4. Ocular manifestations in Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever: A.P. State Conference 2013

Dr. M. Parni Kumar, Dr. Ch. Mohan Rao, Dr. G. Ravi Babu,

Dr. L.J. Sandhyavali, Dr. Y. Srinivas, Dr. G. Sowjanya


Posters: A.P. State Conference 2012

1. Parryromberg syndrome - Dr.M.Parni Kumar, Dr.Ch.Mohan Rao,

Treacher Collins syndrome - Dr.G.Ravi Babu, Dr.L.J.Sandhyavali,

Golden har’s syndrome - Dr. Swetha, Dr. Bhargavi


POSTERS: A.P. State Conference 2013

1. Intravitreal cysticercosis  -  Dr. M. Parni Kumar, Dr .G. Ravi babu, Dr. L.J. Sandhyavali, Dr. G. Sowjanya

2. Case report on Gondenhar syndrome  -   Dr. M. Parni Kumar, Dr. P. Rajasekhar, Dr. K. Parimala Devi, Dr. B. Malleswari.

3. Case report on Gyrate atrophy  -  Dr. M. Parni Kumar, Dr. G. Satyavathi, Dr. Y. Srinivas, Dr. B. Malleswari.

4. Case report on sturge – weber syndrome  -  Dr. G. Ravi Babu, Dr. P. Rajasekhar, Dr. G. Manjula, Dr. K. Swetha

5. Case report on pters anomaly  -  Dr. D. Udaya Kumar, Dr. Y. Srinivas, Dr. K.V.N. Sridevi, Dr. K. Swetha.

6.  Wilson’s disease with Kayser Fleischers ring  -  Dr. M. Parni Kumar, Dr. P. Rajasekhar, Dr. K. Deepthi Pradeeksha, Dr. S. Aruna Kumari