History of Department of Physiology

 Dr.Vareed the HOD in 1947 was responsible for the commencement of the Department of Physiology.

Dr. Vareed was succeed by Dr.D.V Subba Reddy, Dr. C. Venkatramaiah. As a special office Dr. C. Venkatramaiah headed the chair of this department and was responsible for the glory of the department.

Post graduate course in Physiology was started and Dr.P.Simhadri was the first to qualify in M.Sc in 1956.

Late Dr.G.Joseph, Dr. Mrs. K.Sita Devei, Dr. Taher Ali, Dr. Parvathi, Dr. T. Sarojini, Dr. Vijaya Rama Rao had guided the department to its present status.

An additional professors post was created in 1978 and Associate professor post was created in 1998. The department is presently teaching the undergraduates and postgraduates in all disciplines.

There is ample clinical material of varied nature and good opportunities for research at all levels i.e. UGs, PGs and staff.

Many of the professors have published papers in National and International journals.

2. Services provided by the department

  • Undergraduate teaching for 1st MBBS students

  • Postgraduate teaching for PG students

  • Teaching for BSc. MLT students

  • Teaching for DMLT students

  • Teaching for anaesthesia technicians

  • Teaching of basic sciences for clinical PG students

3. Publications (last 3 years)

a. . Evaluation of oxidant status and lipid profile in vegetarians and fist eaters – Dr. S.R. Manjula – IDSR journal of Pharmacy and Biological sciences (IDSR – JPBS), volume7, Issue 6 9Sep – Oct 2013), PP-09-14.

b. Lipid profile in type -2 Diabetes mellitus with obesity. Dr. S.R. Manjula – Bulleting of Pharmaceutical and medical sciences (BOPAMS), volume1, Issue 2 2013, PP- 132-138.

 4. Papers presented at National / State conferences by faculty (Last 3 years)

a. Serum lipid profile in type – II obese diabetes – Dr. S.R. Manjula, Asst. Professor at PHYSICON- 2011.

b. Effect of exercise on CVS comparing in adolescence male – Dr. V.Santhi, Asst Professor at PHYSICON- 2011.

5. Papers presented at National / State conferences by Post gradutaes (Last 3 years)

- NIL-

6. Awards / prizes / distinction (last 3 years)

Distinctions PGs

  1. University 1st – Dr. Md. Rasheeduddin Imran. April / May 2012

  2. University 2nd – Dr. P.Pavana Roy

  3. University 1st – Dr. G. Peter Paul – April / May 2013.

UGs – a. Md. Rifat – 1st MBBS – 2012 batch

b. P.Naren – 1st MBBS – 2012 batch

Prizes – A.S. Chandra Mouli endowment prize exam – P.Naren.

Department of Physiology Faculty List





Dr.K.Prabhakara Rao

Professor & HOD





Dr. P.Nanda Kumar

Associate Professor



Associate Professor


Dr. D.Srujana

Associate Professor


Dr. P.Pavana Roy

Assistant Professor


Dr. S.Auliya Parveen

Assistant Professor


Dr. Y. Lakshmi Divya

Assistant Professor


Dr. S.V.Krishnam Raju

Assistant Professor